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ScreenWorks uses a state-of-the-art, six-color press to put your logo or original design on t-shirts, baby clothes, bags and more. Our green options include an organic, fair-trade cotton clothing line and environmentally-friendly inks.

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Graphic Design Services

DesignWorks can give your company or organization the professional presentation materials that communicate your unique value. From original logo designs to final printed brochures, our designers will give you a look that is compelling and distinctive.

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Photography & Video Services

Few other design firms can boast an in-house photographer, much less a whole studio full of talent. On location or in our studio, our photographers deliver professional images to your specifications.

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Adult Education

A new series of classes open to adults (ages 18+) interested in learning art and design skills for professional or personal growth. These classes are being offered through our Arts & Business Opportunity Center.

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Green Design Solutions

The GreenWorks Studio combines innovative design and renewable materials to help you update your business, product, or home to be environmentally conscious. From furniture to public art, we provide sustainable alternatives for any space.

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Comissioned Art & Installations

ArtWorks creates original works of art in all genres and sizes for private collections, corporate headquarters, civic spaces or any place that lacks color and originality. Our artists will work with you to deliver projects that meet your specifications.

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Mobile Art Classes

MobileStudio brings the RiverzEdge experience to you! Our challenging, project-based programs help learners to open themselves to self-expression through the arts. Participants take on real responsibilities and use real tools as they learn to think, see, and do as artists.

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